Drone Surveying Technology

On request INDrone Aero Systems will be providing the live feed of drone footage to the ground station monitors with the help of an HDMI output from Drone Remote control (RC) which is subjected to following operation restrictions

UAV/Drone Operation Features

  • Clear boundary demarcation
  • Clarity of image and boundary from 2 - 0.4 in/pixel
  • Measurement accuracy 95 - 99%
  • Very high grade image resolution
  • Easily accessible data in computer and in printouts
  • Post Processed data will be provided at intervals during the project or can be provided at end of project
  • Captured data will be stored upto 1 year from project completion date and will be provided in case of data loss from customer
  • Security of data captured
  • Cloud access of digital data (online access)
  • Third Party damage cover during drone operation will covered
  • Highest health and safety precautions will be taken based on US/UK drone operations rules
Our Works

Advantages of drone based mapping

There are several reasons why land surveyors are increasingly adding drones to their portfolio of instruments.

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Deliverable for mapping

A georeferenced orthomosaic map with GSD(Ground Sample Distance) 〜1 in/pixel.(image in geotiff format)

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